Play a key role in helping Villagers succeed in aging-in-place

Santa Barbara Village is helping increasing numbers of local seniors stay independent and engaged as they age-in-place. As the Village grows so does our need for more volunteers. If you would like to make a significant difference to a senior's life, please get in touch.

Imagine wanting to stay independent as you age but having to give up your driver’s license. How would you get around without overburdening friends and family? What if the difference between staying in your home versus moving into a facility was simply getting a helping hand with the daily living tasks younger people can take for granted? What if by offering a helping hand YOU could help someone stay in their own home?

Santa Barbara Village is seeking volunteers to help our members in their homes, give them rides, or help staff in our office. Our volunteers are well-respected and trusted: Santa Barbara Village performs background checks, checks references, and trains its volunteers so they provide the greatest benefit.

Cyndi Pipes, Program Coordinator

“No matter how often or in what ways people wish to help, we can place new volunteers! Often the tasks are simple, such as changing a light bulb, shopping for groceries, giving caregivers respite, or providing rides to appointments. But often these tasks have much deeper value. They give our members quality time with someone who is engaged.”

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

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