Below is a list of common questions about Santa Barbara Village. If you do not find what you are looking for, please give us a call and we'll happily answer your questions:



Are you a residential facility?

No we are not a place to live but a program designed to enable seniors to age in place and receive the support they need to remain in their own residences as long as possible.

How do we know your Volunteers are safe to work with?

Potential volunteers must complete a Volunteer Interest Sheet with “personal” information, member services for which volunteers are needed and three references. They are interviewed and are required to complete a Livescan test (background check) with the police department and be fingerprinted. In addition, volunteer drivers are also required to provide proof of insurance and have a clean driving record.

I am caregiving my loved one and need an occasional break - can you help me?!

We are limited in what we can provide as respite for caregivers, as we are not able to dispense medicines or care for a sick person who requires nursing care. In some cases we may be able to provide company to a shut in so that the caregivers can get away for a few hours, but a better solution is to hire one of our home health care preferred providers for several hours or a full day. Our volunteers primarily provide companionship and do small household chores for members. They can assist a caregiver in finding resources and support groups or provide other information needed by the caregiver.

Is there a charge for rides?

Rides are now free! The Gold Membership provides up to 104 rides per year and the Silver Membership provides for 8 rides per year. On the rare occasion when none of our drivers are available we have an agreement with Easy Lift to provide discounted ride service. Taxi service is also available from one of our Preferred Providers at a discount.

Is there a charge for Volunteer help?

Our Household Helpers will perform small jobs around the house, such as cooking a meal, changing light bulbs or alarm batteries, simple maintenance or handy man chores, as well as technology help with phones or computers, all at no charge.

My parents live there, but I live out of town. Can I sign them up to receive your help?

Yes many children of seniors arrange for their parent(s) to become members to help provide the support and services that the non-local adult children are unable to provide. Many find comfort and release from worry when their parents have the Village available to care for them and monitor their well-being.

Can I tip the drivers and Volunteers?

No our drivers are not able to accept tips. They may request reimbursement from the Village for gas, though few drivers do.

What extra things are Members required to pay for?

In addition to the Volunteer Household Helpers who do small jobs free, the Village has Preferred Providers who charge for their services at a discount. The vendors are fully vetted and investigated and must provide documentation re licensing, insurance, bonding, references and other relevant information. They include five Home Health Care agencies who provide in home care by the hour usually in increments of 4-24 hours, building contractors, house painters, maid services, house painters, electricians, plumbers, and many other services. Fees for the work to be done would be agreed in advance.

Are there any limitations on the services available to members?

The Village is unable to accept prospective members who use wheelchairs only, but does welcome as members those who use walkers. The volunteers are not qualified to do nursing services and are not permitted to dispense medicines.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, a member must have attained the age of 50, but there is no upper limit.